Every adventure needs a proper first aid kit.

Your First Aid Camping Kit Is Not Complete Without These Items

When you love the outdoors, you go on trips to enjoy nature, not to be left on the sidelines because of a minor injury or illness that can’t be treated. That’s why a good first aid kit is your best friend in any and every outdoor adventure. If you decide to make your own, these tips can help you:

What You Can't Leave Out of Your Camping First Aid KitNo Fancy Storage Needed

You can choose to pack your first aid kit in zipper bags or go with a plastic box, just keep in mind you’ll be outdoors, so you really don’t need anything too fancy. Something functional is your best bet, as long as you can keep things organized and handy.

Pack the Essentials

By essentials we don’t mean just a few little things, we mean things that are essential for a successful trip. Having this handy is the best idea, especially when the nearest drug store is miles away. You’ll need a little bit of everything. From the simplest things like hand sanitizer to the more complex like specific medications. This list can give you a hand in packing what you need. You can also benefit from having duct tape, a pocket knife and a small mirror.

Prep Your Kit

Go over your list of items and make sure everything is clean and available for packing. This is the perfect moment to add anything you might be missing or any last minute items.

Be Prepared for the Outdoors

Being prepared never hurt anyone. Be wise and don’t leave the house without your kit. Don’t let anything stop you from living your best adventures yet. Enjoy the best things of Colorado at Mile Hi Rafting.

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