When Does the White Water Rafting Season Start in Colorado?

White-water rafting is one of Colorado’s most exciting outdoor sports. But unlike ATV Tours, rafting isn’t a year-round activity. Each spring, the ice on the rivers and snow in the mountains have to melt enough to provide sufficient water-flow. Every year is a little different, as is every river, due to snowfall the winter before and spring temperatures.

White Water Rafting at Clear Creek

Mile Hi rafts on Clear Creek hopefully from Mother’s day through Labor Day. March and April are normally the snowiest months in Colorado. We are located 20 miles east of Loveland Ski Area and the Continental Divide. Our rafting season is dependent upon the amount of snow the Ski Areas are skiing on. When the snow starts melting at Loveland Ski area it takes approximately 24 hours to come down Clear Creek to Lawson where we are located. The water will ebb and flow with the temperatures. The melt stops if temperatures drop to freezing. The rafting melt starts when temperatures are warmer longer than they are freezing. White water rafting is totally dependent on Mother Nature.
White water rafting on Clear Creek offers a range of sections for an adventurous beginner, active intermediate trips, and thrilling advanced runs. Clear Creek River is only 30 miles from Denver. For projected dates of when Clear Creek will be ready to raft, or to book a trip, call Mile Hi Rafting at 303-567-0717.

About Mile Hi Rafting

Mile Hi Rafting and ATV Tours offers a range of adventure trips throughout Colorado. With headquarters just 30 minutes from Denver, we’re centrally located. Call us at 303-567-0717 or via the quick contact form on our website.

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