Whitewater rafting season has arrived in Colorado and probably you and your friends, co-workers or family are planning to take a nice, adrenaline rush trip. The time couldn’t be better. Beautiful Clear Creek River boasts its amazing natural surroundings offering exciting entertainment for everyone.

Hiking and horse trails, bicycle riding, camping and a lot of different outdoor activities can bring back that peace of mind you need to keep going with your daily routines. However, no other outdoor activity compares to facing nature’s power as you paddle down Clear Creek River’s rapids!

Whitewater rafting is an exciting way to enjoy nature’s breathtaking sites and a high dose of adrenaline. Clear Creek River offers rapids for all rafting levels nonetheless, before diving into action, you need to know and measure your skill level.


Which is my Rapid Class?

The International Scale of River Difficulty is an American system used to rate the difficulty of a stretch of river, or a single (sometimes whitewater) rapid. The scale was developed by the American Whitewater Association for the purpose of evaluating rivers throughout the world. The grade reflects the technical difficulty and skill level required associated with the section of river.

There are six categories; each referred to as “Grade” or “Class” followed by a number. However, the scale is not linear. There can be challenging grade twos, easy grade threes, and so on.

white water

In Mile Hi Rafting we prepared the scale with a little description so you can quickly evaluate your skills and choose the best river sections and tours.

  • Class I – Moving water with few riffles and small waves. This is an excellent level for beginners.
  • Class II – Easy rapids with clear passages. This class is ideal for beginners and novice.
  • Class III – Moderately difficult waves and some maneuvering required to avoid obstacles. This is an intermediate level.
  • Class IV – Difficult rapids with complex channels, waves, and hydraulics. Precise maneuvering in turbulent waters is often required to avoid significant obstacles. This is a challenging level and is recommended for advanced rafters.
  • Class V – Extremely difficult, long and violent rapids, with highly congested routes that often follow each other without interruption. Precise maneuvering in very turbulent water is required. Class V is open-ended and you need expert skills.
  • Class VI – Generally considered un-raftable; possibility of injury or death likely. Runs of this classification are rarely attempted and often exemplify the extremes of difficulty, unpredictability, and danger.

Mile Hi Rafting sets up the best adventure trip for the full enjoyment of the Clear Creek or Arkansas River’s whitewater, based on your rafting skills. Also, we offer a wide range of ATV’s, UTV’s tours and multiple activity packages.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and will help you arrange any combination of options to create your own experience. Contact us today and we will customize any package—have an idea—let’s talk; we will work with you to create your dream vacation. View our reservation guidelines.

Team up with your friends; choose a Rapid Class and paddle into the adventure with Mile Hi Rafting!


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