Whitewater rafting is a fascinating outdoor activity. It’s all about the adrenaline and the experience with nature. Every river is different. There are various grades of difficulty. Before you head out into the water, learn more about the types of whitewater rapids.

How Are River Rapids Classified?

When it comes to whitewater rafting, depending on the river, it could be like a stroll in the park or like a crazy rollercoaster. According to the American Whitewater Association, there are six difficulty classes in the International Scale of River Difficulty. Every class or grade requires different skill levels. Next time you’re in the mood for whitewater rafting, consider this information before you choose your river.

What Are the of River Rapids?

Easy – Class 1

There will be small waves and riffles. Obstructions will be few, but with a little training, they can go unnoticed. Skill level required is basic.

Novice – Class 2

There may be rocks, water could be a little rough with medium-sized waves. It’s possible that some maneuvering is required at some point. Skill level is also basic but with paddling experience. If a rapid is at the upper end of this class, it is called Class II+.

Intermediate – Class 3

No considerable danger. There will be moderate and irregular waves, there may be a small drop. Significant maneuvering will most likely be required. Injuries while swimming are rare and self-rescue is not overly complicated, however, group assistance may be required. Some experience in rafting is needed.

Types of RapidsAdvanced – Class 4

Considerable drop, medium waves, intense, may require boat handling and self-rescue can be difficult. Group assistance is required for rescue. Exceptional rafting experience is a must.

Expert – Class 5

Very violent rapids, extremely long and full of obstacles, which pose a risk for the paddler. Full mastery of rafting is a must, along with proper equipment, and practiced rescue skills.

Extreme – Class 6

This is extremely difficult, poses great unpredictability and danger. Only for expert rafters and even then, it could be unsafe.

Clear Creek River: The Adventure You Need

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