A day on the river is a day well spent, but when you’re fully prepared and know how to be safe in the river, the trip is way more enjoyable.

How to Be Safe In the Water

It’s impossible to have fun when you’re whitewater rafting if you’re paralyzed from fear because you don’t know what you’re doing. Following safety guidelines is never overrated. Stay safe and enjoy the trip.

Confide in Your Guide

You don’t need to be a pro swimmer to be able to go rafting, but it’s good to give your instructor a heads up so they’ll know how to guide you and keep you safe.

Protective Gear is A Must

  1. River rocks are hard, and river rocks against your skull feel even harder. Protect your head with a helmet.
  2. The life jacket stays on until your feet hit the ground.

Enjoy Rafting With Family and FriendsBe Prepared to Fall

Ideally, you should stay on the raft until the trip is over, but falling off the raft is not uncommon, so be prepared. Grab on to the outside safety line and wait until someone helps you back in.

Be Prepared to Help Someone Out of the Water

Knowing how to help someone that fell in the water is just as important as knowing what to do if it’s you who falls. First of all, stay calm. You don’t want to contribute to the stress of whoever fell off the raft. Give them the paddle, the outside safety line, or the throw bag to grab on to so you can pull them back into the raft.

Whatever You Do, Listen to Your Guide

They’ll provide basic commands to follow, but as basic as they might sound, they might save your life. Make sure you pay attention during the briefing. It will pay off later.

It’s summertime! Find some friends and get out in the water. Apply these tips and have the safest, most fun whitewater rafting trip you’ve ever had.

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