These are the best months of the year for whitewater rafting in Colorado. Clear Creek River and Joey Rafting GuideArkansas River are at their best to enjoy this magnificent, thrilling adventure.

Like any other outdoor adventure or extreme sport, safety comes first. Any commercial rafting outfitter, knows they should provide all safety regulations, equipment and professional guides in order to enjoy this activity.

At Mile Hi Rafting we take care of the smallest details in order to provide the safest and most memorable rafting trip for the whole family. Our wide experience and strict safety regulation makes us, Colorado’s best option for whitewater rafting.

Always be Prepared

Eva LambertAt some point or another, almost everyone who spends time whitewater rafting will end up out of their boat. Yeah, it happens and you should know what to do if you fall out of the raft.

First of all, once you are inside the raft never ever lose your life jacket. Breaking this rule, will get you in trouble. You can count on it! If you fall out of an inflatable white water raft, the overall key is to stay calm and not to panic.

Once in the water, your personal flotation device (aka, a PFD or life jacket) will keep your head above the water. Quickly grab for the side of the raft and if there is one, grab the safety rope that runs along the outside of the raft. Hold the rope until a rafter or your raft guide comes to pull you up into the raft. If you are still holding the paddle try extending it to a man overboard.

If you are swept far from the whitewater raft, you must immediately raise your legs toward the milehisurface of the water. The rocks at the bottom of the river may have irregular shapes and crevices that can entrap your feet if they are near the bottom.

Use your hands to turn your body so that your feet are facing downstream and you can see where you are floating. Feet up and feet facing downstream is the most important part of the “defensive swimming” or “whitewater floating” position.

Expect a rescue rope to be thrown to you from the river raft. If this happens, grab the rope and put it over your shoulder. As the rope is pulled in, face away from the whitewater raft and stay on your back. Never get pulled in on your stomach, watching the rescuer, water may be forced into your mouth as you are pulled toward the raft.

If you keep getting swept away, stay calm and hold your position. Every river rapid will end when the riverbed flattens. If you are in the rapids long enough, calm sections at the bottom or side of the rapid will give you a chance to work yourself to the side of the river.

Mile Hi Rafting ToursWhen you reach shore, stay in that location and wait for rescuers to come to you. Signal that you are “OK”, but need to be picked up.

Raft with the Best

Don’t take any chances when it comes to whitewater rafting. You can have all the fun and the adrenaline rush in a safe environment with Mile Hi Rafting. We provide all the equipment and professional rafting guide for your adventure.

Book now your rafting trip and combine it with any other outdoor activity you wish to enjoy with our packages. Add camping, hiking or ATV/UTV tours to your rafting adventure with Mile Hi Rafting.

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