We know it is lovely camping in the summer when sunlight lasts most of the day, but that’s no reason to shun the idea of camping in the spring. Why not give it a try? There are a lot of things to love about camping in spring.

Spring Camping

These are just a few things about camping during the flower season, that might be tempting enough for you to try it.

Not as many insects

Isn’t it great to know there will be fewer insects around when you camp in the spring? No bug spray needed! One less thing to worry about.

Birdlife in ColoradoWildlife

In spring, flowers bloom, trees become leafy again, and nature in general comes back to life. It is also the best time to admire the birdlife and learn about different species as the adults are flying around looking for food for their babies.


A good campfire is always great, but there’s something far more comforting about them when the air is cold and the campfire is fulfilling its purpose of keeping you warm.

Less Crowded Campsites

In the summer, with the good weather and the school holidays, there’s nothing we can do about those crowded campsites. Spring is different, though. It’s the perfect time for a spontaneous camping trip. Reservations aren’t needed during this time of year and campsites will not be crowded. More space to feel free.

Spring Breeze in Colorado Crisp, Fresh Air and April Showers

There are breezes and fresher air during the spring, which makes the trip more enjoyable. There are even some April showers that will bring out the smell of the earth.

At Mile Hi Rafting, we love camping, too, and you can add it to any of the tours you choose for $5. There is a refundable $200 ‘Leave No Trace and Tread Lightly’ deposit. There are also National Forest sites where you can check availability on ReserveAmerica.com in our area.

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