The Arkansas River is considered the most popular river for whitewater rafting in America. If you love the outdoors, this is a mandatory stop for you, and here’s why.

Reasons to Visit the Arkansas River

ATV tours in Colorado

  • This river includes 152 rafting miles. More than 80 of those were named Class II to Class V rapids that you can come check out and enjoy.
  • There are tons of different activities that can be done, such as:
    • Rafting
    • Ziplining
    • Family float trips
    • ATV
    • Camping
    • Kayak lessons
    • Much more…
  • Flows through Colorado State Park, the Arkansas Headwaters Recreation Area.
  • The Arkansas River offers almost 80 miles, from Leadville to Canon City, of public access and great catches of brown trout.

In 2014, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife Commission declared 102 miles of the river as Gold Medal, the longest stretch in the state. The river is one of the few fisheries in Colorado that supports such a strong brown trout population, making it extremely popular with fly fishermen.


  • Colorado’s state mammal, the Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep, can be found in the Arkansas River Valley. You can also see lots of other animals like mallards, ducks, Colorado mule deer, black bears, Canadian geese, elk, golden and bald eagles, and mountain goats.

Whitewater Rafting on Arkansas RIver Book Your Next Adventure at Mile Hi Rafting

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