Showing your kids how to be safe in the outdoors is one of the most important things you can do.

Teaching Children to Survive in the Outdoors

When it comes to learning outdoor survival, it’s good to start at a young age. It’s not just a “grown-up thing”. Everyone should know how to fend for themselves if an extreme situation were to happen, so the best thing you can do is take advantage of your kids’ curiosity and teach them about outdoor survival.

Thankfully, it is not everyday anyone has to deal with an outdoor survival situation, however, it is best to be prepared in case that time ever comes. For children this is particularly important. If your child were ever in a situation like that, you would definitely want for them to know what to do.

If you’re wondering how to pass along your knowledge on outdoor survival to your kids, here are some tips:

Teaching Children to Survive in the OutdoorsStart a Conversation

The easiest way to begin is to have a discussion about survival needs with your kids. If you’re going on an outdoor adventure on your own, that would be a great time to get them talking about this topic and help you prepare for you trip. Propose survival situations and ask them what they would do. This will help them get involved.

Turn the Learning Experience Into Something Fun

When things are fun, learning is easier. After you’ve talked with your children about survival situations, set up a camp in your backyard and create certain situations to put their skills to the test. After that you could do a review of what happened and what they could have done better. Not only will you be creating lasting memories with your children, you’ll also be teaching a great lesson.

Use the Boy Scouts’ Seven Priorities as a Guide

If you were not a boy scout, you are probably not familiar with their seven priorities for surviving a wilderness environment but there is certainly a lot to learn from them. They go from learning to keep a positive mindset, to knowing how to find shelter and make a fire. Some basic things that are essential in any survival situation.


The best thing you can do is teach your kids how to survive outdoors so that the next time you decide to go on an adventure in Colorado, you’ll all be prepared for anything that comes your way.

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