Be a good neighbor this winter and provide birds with food and shelter

Winter can be pretty stressful on all of us. Low temperatures force us to take precautions and emotionally, the season may seem hard to bear, at times. For wild animals, the freezing conditions are even harsher. Especially, for small, vulnerable animals such as birds. Many flock to warmer a climate. But for those that stay, here are some things we can do to help birds survive the winter.

How to Help Birds During Winter?

Just like any other living creature, birds need food and shelter to survive the winter. Bird feeders are an excellent way to provide birds with high-calorie foods. Because of the vulnerable conditions, many birds form flocks. This way they increase their chances of finding food and protection from predators. So, you should consider providing enough food for all of them. Many birds receive nutrients from insects and other natural food sources that might not be available during winter. Therefore, by selecting the correct type of seed or food, more and different birds will come to your backyard.

Landing Mallard with a brilliant greenheadSeeds and Food

Different species will be drawn to different kinds of feeders and seeds.

  • Black oil sunflower seeds are cheap and easy to find.
  • Peanuts are another great food to offer birds in the wintertime because of high protein and fat levels.
  • Thistle seed is a good, but an expensive food to provide for small birds and must be provided in a special tube feeder. The problem with thistle seeds is its tiny size.
  • Suet is a great food to offer birds. It is a high energy, pure fat substance, which is important in winter when insects are harder to find and birds need many more calories to keep their bodies warm. Suet can be placed in a variety of feeders ranging from a suet cage to a wood and cage feeder that also offers protection from the weather elements and is designed to require the birds to hang upside down.

Providing Water

Birdbaths can be a good option to provide birds with a water source. Nonetheless, birdbaths require constant attention. Otherwise, the water can freeze or get contaminated and will be harmful to birds.

The birdbath should be heated or kept indoors to avoid freezing when the temperature drops. You can use a plastic dish with an added heater to cover ceramic birdbaths. There are also other products in the market that can help you keep water heated for birds.

The best place for birdwatching

Feeding birds at home will allow you to see some of the different bird species that we find during the winter. But if you want to observe all that nature has to offer us in Colorado, the best way is to book a wildlife guided tour in Clear Creek County and hike through astonishing trails as professionals lead you and share interesting information.

Contact us, and we will gladly help you plan your outdoor adventure. In the meantime, be a good neighbor this winter and provide birds with food and shelter. They will thank you for it every day, with catchy tunes, funny dances, and beautiful colors.

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