A Day to Celebrate Our Waterways

At Mile Hi Rafting, every day we are thankful for the gift of rivers. They are essential to human living, make wildlife possible, and provide us with great adventures. Indeed, we are not the only ones who celebrate this fantastic gift. The world comes together to celebrate them on the last Sunday of September — this year it is September 29th — a day known as Rivers Day.

About Rivers Day

It may sound odd to dedicate a day to rivers, but this day started with the purpose of generating awareness. Back in 2005, river advocate Mark Angelo presented the proposal of Rivers Day. Beyond just appreciating them for a day, the purpose of this celebration is to remind the world that our rivers are under threat, and need us to stand up for them.


Human activity generates so much pollution and puts our rivers in danger, harming ecosystems living in them, as well as those who use them for transportation or as a source of water. We must contribute to their preservation. After all, the benefit will be all ours.

Celebrating Rivers Day

Yes, you can celebrate rivers day by enjoying them through some sort of activity, like sailing, kayaking, fishing or whitewater rafting. But most importantly, we should celebrate by getting involved in initiatives that help keep our rivers in good shape.

Ask around in your community and see if there are any local events you can sign up for that contribute to the well-being of our rivers. Donating money to organizations that help protect rivers is also a great option, as they need funding to continue their work. Research online and find an organization you can relate to and would be happy to help.

Another way you can celebrate rivers day is to organize your own event. Have you come across a river or stream that you’ve noticed need a little help? Why not plan a cleanup with your family and friends and make things happen? You can be part of the change and help keep our rivers alive for the generations to come.

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