What is Car Camping All About?

There are different types of camping. You can camp in a tent, camp in a camping facility, or even camp in your car. This last one has gained a lot of popularity recently. If you have the heart of an adventurer, you probably would enjoy all three just as much.

You would think the term ‘car camping’ is self-explanatory but there’s always a need for more detail. Car camping is, essentially, comfortably packing everything you need for your camping and putting it in your car, driving to your camping location —usually a very secluded location— and then camping out of your car. Some people consider ‘car camping’ the act of driving to your campsite, and then sleeping in your car (#vanlife).

 What is Car Camping All About?The Pros

A More Intimate Experience

Being immersed in nature, in a secluded location with no campground hosts and tons of other campers, surrounded by nothing but miles of trees, all kinds of wildlife, and nothing but you and your own thoughts gives you a sense of freedom. It’s an opportunity to disconnect from everything else in life, and just breath and be one with nature.

No Packing Restrictions

Of course, this depends on the type of car you own. The bigger the car, the more you can pack. You can bring as much as your car will allow you, to make your trip as comfortable as you want it to be.

The Cons


Keeping yourself clean in the great outdoors can be complicated, but when you drive yourself out to a dispersed campsite, it can be even more complicated. Campgrounds make this much easier on campers because they have facilities where you can take showers, use the bathroom, and so on.

Fire Bans

Some locations don’t allow fires out in the woods, and who doesn’t love a good campfire? This is usually important when camping and not having it, and can take away part of the beauty of the whole experience.

Car Camping Essentials

If you decide to go car camping, make sure you bring a map or a GPS, if you’re more of a techy camper, plenty of water, and a tarp and rope, which usually come in handy when you’re camping in a tent. For more camping and hiking essentials, check out this article.


What’s your favorite type of camping? Are you more likely to go off-the-grid on a car camping trip? Or, do you prefer the comfort of a campground? Plan a killer camping trip in Colorado with Mile Hi Rafting. We’ll customize your adventure to fit your wants and need.

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