Christmas is around the corner, and you’re still on time to start your Christmas shopping.

Getting your Christmas shopping done is a feat that most look forward to as it can be time consuming if not well prepared. First, make lists: make a list of the people you want to give to, group them if possible. Then make lists for possible gifts for them. Brainstorm and narrow your options down to what better adjusts to your budget. Assign a budget for each person or gift, so that you don’t end up spending more than expected. And look for different options online, suggestions for gifts that might surprise you. Since we are outdoor enthusiasts, and our clients too, we share today some gift ideas for outdoor lovers.

Mile Hi Rafting Company, in Clear Creek County, offers outdoor adventure for everyone in the family. We are a family business that has been in these mountains for over 75 years and we believe that there is nothing grander than being in the outdoors. We offer ATV and UTV tours packages and help you plan your perfect outdoor adventure for you and your friends or family!

Christmas gifts

Gift ideas for the Outdoorsy

  • Hiking gifts. Hydration is essential for hikers, or human beings for that matter. There are many options to carry water such as stainless steel bottles, collapsible bottles and camel bags. Also, a LifeStraw Water Filter is a great option for backcountry hikers. Another vital piece of equipment is a good multi-tool. There are many options by Leatherman and Swiss Army. A knife is the best tool an outdoor enthusiast can have.
  • Camping gifts. A great gift to give camping lovers would be a Colorado National Parks Annual pass or also a subscription to Colorado Outdoors magazine. Both of these can be found at the Colorado Parks and Wild Life site. Other ideas: a good set of cooking pots, lanterns, flashlights, headlamps, waterproof magic matches or a well-equipped first-aid kit.
  • Backpacking gifts. A backpacker needs a backpack! There are many daypacks that start at $20. More ideas: hammocks, dry sacks, or outwear: socks, beanies, gloves, hats, or vests. Another idea is a travel size game or board game. There are many board games that have been adapted to a cards version, such as Monopoly.
  • For man’s best friend. Even dogs get to have outdoor gifts. There are options such as energy trail bars, bowls for water, backpacks or vests, harnesses for GoPro cameras, fleece coats, frisbees and different leashes that adapt to each dog’s needs.

art Christmas scene with tree gifts and fire in background


Mile Hi Rafting’s convenient location , just 30 minutes out of Denver, makes it an ideal destination for day trips and vacations. We are a family owned and operated company. We want our guests to have personalized attention down to the detail on any ATV tour or UTV tour or camping excursion. Reservations are recommended to be sure there is an opening for your specific date and time. Book your tour today!

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