Tired of looking all over for that perfect Christmas present?

Get them Mile Hi Gift Certificates with 10% off. Until Monday, December 21st you can get them online, or until December 31st by calling our office. 

You are not alone in the hunt for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. Every year seems to be harder and harder finding a creative and unique present for all of our loved ones.It is not only that every year things become more and more expensive. Nor that the wild and aggressive advertising campaigns set what people should think and wish for, leaving little room for free choice.

Well, look no further. This year you can actually stand out with the coolest and most exciting present anyone could receive. This year, amaze your loved ones with an outdoor adventure certificate.

MileHI tours winterA healthy exciting gift choice for the adventurers on your list

If you are one of the millions of parents concerned about the well-being of their children, regarding the long hours they spend behind the computer, television, or video game console; this Christmas, give them an outdoor adventure gift certificate and watch their chubby little tushes jump outside the house.

Winter is packed with exciting outdoor activities they can enjoy. Cruise through the snowy mountains on top of your personal all-terrain-vehicle. No better way to enjoy the wilderness with the family.

How about a healthy winter hike as you and your family admire some of Colorado’s most beautiful and amazing wild animals. You can set up your guided adventure with the help of professionals, which will take care of every detail to make your trip memorable.Adventures for all ages

Mile Hi Gifts are Perfect for All Ages

You can also surprise you folks with an outdoor Christmas Certificate. Just imagine your father’s reaction as he receives the news that he is up to a fishing trip as soon as his bait is ready. Or mommy’s face when she finds out that her next vacation will be in the relaxing and astonishing mountains of Colorado. There are plenty of beautiful natural locations and activities to choose from.

Can’t Handle the Cold?

If you or your family aren’t cold weather fans… The best thing about our certificates is that you can program your outdoor adventure when the temperature warms up and snow melts off. So, instead of taking your father ice fishing, you can take him on an angling trip in warmer conditions.

Or, instead of an ATV snow tour you can fasten your life vest and challenge nature’s power as you paddle down through white water rapids. Just let your imagination a flow away. Nature is full of surprises and you can enjoy them all.

Don’t think it twice. Wrap an adventure and surprise your family and friends with a unique and creative Christmas present. They will be grateful and will never forget it.

Merry Christmas
Happy Holidays from Mile Hi!

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